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October 28: TTB at Buenos Aires (Argentina)


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Hello! I wanted to announce that, the next sunday 28, at 15pm, I will be running another TTB one-shot at the new event of "La Vieja Confiable"https://www.facebook.com/events/311757532747732/ at La Casa de Teresa (Acuña de Figueroa y Humahuaca), Buenos Aires.

There will be multiple one-shots at the same time from different systems, all prepared for players without experience on roleplaying games as well as known fans. After that there will be many boardgames to play!

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Here are some photos from the last event! We had a great time playing some adventures! The Fated had entered a haunted house... and managed to leave relatively alive! It had been a wonderful adventure full of jokes and too many explosions.

Also, we played many card and boardgames, and had a great time.

La imagen puede contener: 4 personas, personas sonriendo, personas sentadas

La imagen puede contener: 2 personas, personas sentadas, personas comiendo e interior

La imagen puede contener: 3 personas, personas sentadas

La imagen puede contener: 2 personas, personas sentadas e interior

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