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Vappafaux - Sunday 3rd Feb

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York Garrison and I are pleased to be running Vappafaux 2019 on Sunday 3rd February and I aim to make it one of the best ones yet!

Vappnartak is the annual wargame show hosted by York Wargames Society and held at the York Racecourse.

Tickets include entry into the show and be purchased at http://yorkgarrison.co.uk/product/vappafaux-2019-feb-3rd-2019/

The cake sale at Wickerfaux was quite popular so we will be doing this again. 

This will be a 50ss 3 round event with an extended lunch for you to be able to look around the show.  There will be space for 32 players and will using the most up to date GG document.

09:30 – Registration
10:00 – Round 1
11:50 – Lunch and look around the show
13:35 – Round 2
15:25 Break
15:35 – Round 3
17:25 Prize Giving and Raffle

1st / 2nd / 3rd places
Last place (wooden spoon)
Best Painted
The results will be submitted to Malifaux Rankings – please advise if you wish to be anonymous

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Hey Wyrdos,

So far we have sold a few tickets which is great to see. 

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the venue, we need to confirm how many tables we will be using by the end of the year, based on the current tickets sold.

Because of this, if you really are coming but havnt yet bought a ticket I really urge you to buy a ticket. Once we have confirmed with the venue how many tables we need, it may be difficult to increase the size of the tournament.

It would be great to see all the familiar faces come to Vappafaux and make it a send off to m2e at Vappafaux.



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On ‎12‎/‎8‎/‎2018 at 8:55 AM, Seismic134 said:

Hey bud, sorry for the slow reply. Swear I responded to this. It's to accommodate for the longer lunch so everyone gets the opportunity to look around the show :)

It was ran as this last year and the person running it said it was really successful. 

Cheers for the response, totally understandable re: the show side of it but in my experience it has made for games to be really tight timewise (I have been the last two years) and it has been my feedback both times. The event itself has always been great but that has been my one main gripe.

I will ask the North West players who is up for it and see if we can get a car or two down :)

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It is with regret that we are having to cancel Vappafaux 2019. 


This has not come as an easy decision but has been influenced by the lack of ticket sales. Due to the nature of the venue, we have to book an amount of tables that we would need to hold the event. Because of this, we feel we would not be able to fund the event to ensure that it would be successful and enjoyable for everyone. This lack of interest we feel is also due to the current lull for malifaux since the announcement of 3rd edition.


Everyone who has already bought tickets will be given full refunds.


We hope to run Vappafaux in 2020 and hope to see everyone there.


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