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New Art for Malifaux - Your opinion

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I've always had a weird liking for many of the static poses. I was also a huge fan of the m1e metal line where many humans looked a bit weird and had character instead of the smooth blandness of m2e. Nicodem, Marcus, Myranda, Rasputina, Lady Justice, Sonnia and Ramos are a few examples where I vastly prefer the old metal models.

I think any change from what you are used to will feel weird at first, I've eventually sort of settled into the m2e aesthetic. Not sure how I will feel about m3e, I love the "boring" masters posted above except for Raspy who feels wrong to me. I think it's her bulk, in my head she is supposed to feel mentally ill from her struggle with December and have a sickly body.

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2 hours ago, Saduhem said:

As I paint them, I can't stop thinking of Beginning M2e ressers art and I just want more of it. Definitely prefer it to the Malifaux trend over the past year or so.

I'm not much into the Cult's trend towards body horror but I can understand the appeal. And ECB Black Ops' art & concept are awesome! It is my favourite unit aspect-wise in TOS (with the motorized scouts of Abyssinia).

The art for TOS is great imho. Even "standard" steampunk stuff like King's Empire looks very sweet in a certain way (although Edmonton definitely has something he tries to compensate for with this big rifle of his :D...). When I look at the art I just want to buy everything :D. It used to be the same with Malifaux.

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