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My stuff is still in the middle of the atlantic ocean ( I knew including the gibbering hordes was a mistake:P) but I expect my first few Empire games will be strongly based on the starter box stuff, so 1 titan, 1 squad of Infiltrators, 2* Royal rifle corps, field intelligence, motor scout, 2 sharp shooter and then upgrades to finish,  (I can't remember what extra stuff I bought) at least until I know how they do on the table and I'm comfortable enough to chop and change lists


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most likely Ill be running charles and M.B. unless i wanna field 2 or 3 titans.


2>stoic demeaner +military assistant 


2>rapier wit + sturdy binoculars

10>royal rifles w/sniper

9>royal rifles

9>grenadiers w/sniper

6>sw borderers

7>intel corp



feels like a shame not to have a Kings hand but here's one list

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Kind of elite but has a high tactics output with kassa making 4, thrace for 1-2 based on glory and charles making 3 with metal of honor

2 kassa + mind of a giant +power read out

4 thrace+ toughness

8 mechanized infantry

12 steel legion 

2 charles +metal of honor

10 kings hand+ ap machine gun, soulstone matrix, symbol of the realm

2 motor scout + free toughness

10 royal rifle corp + sharp shooter


guess lists should include stratagem decks too...

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