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Malifaux App errata missing

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Hy guys I've seen a problem yesterday. The July errata isn't actuall in the app. The nicodem had still its old effects and stats. Maby the same with January errata.


Can this please be fixed??

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I contacted the app support about a month ago about this.
I got an answer saying that re-animator should have already been updated on the app's database and it must have been an update issue on my side.
We tried several things like uninstalling & reinstalling the app, or deleting files locally on my phone then relaunching the app, nothing worked.
Since it's not that big of a deal for me (it's not too hard to remember that one missing errata), and the explanation I was given indicated it was an issue just on my end, I kinda gave up on the issue.

But since I've seen 2 posts (I think) about re-animator not being updated on the app. So I'm thinking there might be an issue with the update itself rather than how it was applied on our ends.

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