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Trades up for offer

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Hi all, 

I have a few minis surplus to requirement and will be adding more as I go through my listings. Looking for trades preferably but open to offers if someone wants something. 

Shipping from Australia



The pen is Mightier Nellie Box - Sealed, New on Sprue

Vintage Pandora - New on Sprue

Vintage Rasputina - New on Sprue

Vintage Misaki - New on Sprue

Hanging Trees - New on Sprue

Ryle - built and primed with 2e card

Guild Exorcist 1e - metal, sealed, new in box

Constructs of order Hoffman 1e - metal, built, painted, possibly missing a mini (will look and confirm if interested)

Peacekeeper 1e - metal, sealed, new in box

Mindless Zombie - Neon green, new on sprue

Witchling stalker - primed 




Vintage Somer Teeth - new on sprue or built/primed

Anything gremlin - plastics only, pref new on sprue or primed. 

Nekima - Plastic 2e, not alternate version

Dead doxies - new on sprue or built/primed

Amelia Bathory - new on sprue or built/primed








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updating available

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