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ITC 25-26th May 2019 - Element Games, UK

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The third running of the International Team Competition will again take place at Element Games in Stockport, UK and follow basically the same format as this year. Taking on board feedback from this year's event there are small changes to the strat/scheme to table set-up, table spacing and the bonuses will now only be used for tie breaks.

This event will use the M3E beta rule set. Strats & Schemes will be released 1 month before the event.

I look forward to meeting you all again, and expanding the number of teams, and countries represented.


Payment: £150 as a gift by PayPal to malifaux.henchman@gmail.com and please include a contact name and team name. Book your ticket now to gaurantee your team's place.

Rulespack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mgqs09k9e44cf1a/ITC Rulespack 2019_M3E.pdf?dl=0


Note - could an Admin please pin this post and unpin last year's?


  1. Sons of Lenny (Spain) Chou
  2. Too Much Infaux (UK) Grant
  3. Storm of Jokers (Spain) Antonio
  4. Dilly Dilly (UK) Nick
  5. TBC (UK) Emma
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Just a quick note to say that this WILL be an M3E event, even though probably still beta at that time.

I'll have a think about the implications and communicate here and with last year's captains shortly.

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me and a Friend might be looking for a team if anyone fancies taking us on 


I've got plenty of arcanists and my mate has outcasts, neverborn (and lynch) 


I could also play ressers at a push (have mcmorning and kirai)

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