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Monthly Painting Challenge - September


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On 9/9/2018 at 7:20 PM, Caedrus said:

Those look great, caedrus, but are listed as out of stock. Thanks, though!

I picked the Wyrd sewer bases, as one has a short brick wall at the back that should be just the right height to hold some piano wire that will allow Kaeris to hover.


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I managed to get Kaeris to hover above her sewer base.  Even the piano wire wasn't going to be rigid enough, so I drilled into her model, drilled through the stone wall, and then cut the drill bit to shape and super-glued it in as the support.  Should hold.  :)

I just have a few touch-ups on the base, and then the details on Kaeris.  Cheers all.


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I'm out of the country for a few days now, so won't get any more done until Thursday at the earliest.  Thought I might share a WIP update before I head out:



I still need to finish Molly's shoes, skin & dress. Necrotic machine needs almost everything finishing!

I'm reasonably pleased with how they're coming along - especially as Molly was one of a batch of models that I undercoated when it was too hot & dry, and the spray went grainy. Sort of rescued her.

I definitely think taking on a smaller number of models has been a good move; less daunting to start work on, and I've got time to get better results, which then encourages me to complete them.


Cheers all,


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On 9/16/2018 at 6:30 PM, prof_bycid said:

I managed to get Kaeris to hover above her sewer base.

I like  a lot your painting but I do not think that the posture of Kaeris' legs is OK for a model hovering mid-air. I have your pictures as the only element to think about, so may be I'm worng, but I guess you could bend forward the model glueing it to the base by only one feet to give the idea she's "taking off".

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Here are this months mercenary efforts albeit with a photo from my old ipad so pretty bad quality but at least there is an image. While taking the photo I dropped the ipad and it fell on Bishop, breaking him off his base, so he's a sad case needing a quick drop of glue to fix it before he gets some table time finally. The other mercenary making the painting table this month was the convict gunslinger. With these two I just scraped in at 15 stones. I may need to use my first mulligan next month as I will only get one week free to fit in some painting time all month but I plan to get Amina done and hopefully get some more models assembled but that's for next month so here is the image for this month....


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Hey there! I had to change some of the models I painted this month in order to help my girlfriend having her crew painted for the Spanish Nationals, so let me show you some quick pics I took yesterday. These models will join Kang, Mouse and the Arcane effigy, but no pics from them. 


This guy is just finished for the weekend, but it's not done. Once the Nationals are over I plan to go back to it and add some stars and a rainbow (not kidding).


Didn't know how to take a picture to appreciate the little fellow. Originally I thought of him as Slash vs Pony, but black hat and black hair... 


One I finished this one I realised that I could've painted it as Donkey from Shrek, argh!


Just your regular swined cursed. I'm particularly happy with this one and how it turned out considering it took me two hours (I had so many things to do for the Nationals and so little time, yay for my plannification!).

Once I take the final pics with all the models I'll post them with their SS value. 

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18 hours ago, Franchute said:

@Aa7 For some reasons I have on my spreadsheet that you already used mulligans in April and May. As you mentioned that you might use your first mulligan, we should try to understand where the difference comes from.

Hi Franchute, April and May where probably when I couldn't upload pictures to the forum due to the changes in the forum of having to link images from a hosted site rather than direct upload for whatever reasons they changed it to this way. Those months I did post my progress still but instead of images in the forum post the posts had links to my painting blog instead as they had my images easily uploaded. I have since found an image host that links the images to this forum and have also uploaded the images previously only linked to my blog into the forum posts. I think it was last month where I posted the missing images, April was Rasputina and May was Carlos. May would of been short of my pledge amount so that would be a mulligan and if can't get more than Amina painted next month that would be my second :(

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my rogue necromancy has been in the following state for the past two weeks. I wanted to work on the wings a bit more because I drubrushed them and did not like the result much. In the end, between procrastination, lack of time and the "I start to work on another mini" syndrome, I didnt do it. Now, it's the end of the month, so I'll have to accept that the mini will stat like this. It puts me at 12 ss:


@Aa7 @Rikkdo you know the ss amounts I'm missing im these months?

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