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Thoughts on a Reva List

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Greetings good people! I am thinking of getting Reva here and some additional purchases and wondered if this seemed like a viable list, regardless of schemes and strats. I know the edition change is looming but I think most will still fit afterward. I think manos has some potential with Reva.


Declared Faction: Resurrectionists 
Crew Name: Resurrectionists 50ss 
Leader: Reva - Cache:(4)
   Blood Mark 1ss 
   Riders in the Sky 1ss 
   Beyond Death 1ss 
Manos The Risen 9ss 
   Necrotic Preparation 1ss 
   Decaying Aura 2ss 
Lampad 7ss 
   My Little Helper 1ss 
Carrion Emissary 10ss 
   Conflux of the Reaper 0ss 
Shieldbearer 6ss 
Shieldbearer 6ss 
Rotten Belle 5ss 

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Of the models you've mentioned, I only have the Emissary, but he's a good fit regardless of who you're using, if only for his Shards ability.

I see a lot of people recommending Belles to lure enemies towards Corpse Markers, so that seems like it should work fine for you.

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It looks like a solid list. I personaly would change Beyond Death to Guises of Death just because i like extra activation and sometimes it's usefull to have a corpse right where you need it from the start of the game. And i'm not sure about Shieldbearers but it completely depends on Schemes & Strategy. Switch for Bone Pile, Doxy e.t.c. if S&S require

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