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Reva fluff, motivations

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I recently traded my Tara crew for a Reva crew (because of Tara's announced move and she doesn't quite fit with my collection of horrors, even now). 

I understand that people follow and are very loyal to Reva. For reasons not entirely to do with the free will of the followers, correct? 

Where is she leading them though? What is Reva trying to do and/or achieve?

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She's sort of an undead whisperer/shepherd who sees the remnants of humanity left in the shambling hordes. The way I see it, her attitude seems to be "leave the undead alone, and they'll do the same for you." Her beef is with people who pre-emptively purge the undead from Malifaux (the Guild), and I assume she would also take issue with those who would use the undead as tools for their own sinister ends (Nico/Seamus/McMourning). I'm not up-to-date on the story, so I don't know what she's been up to since her introductory vignette in Book 4.

I started Malifaux with Reva and love her to death. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Honestly they have not given a ton on Reva and actually what is going on with her or in her head.  Her story bit is not from her point of view so we are not getting insight into her thoughts or motivations.  Everything in that story is from her St. Clair's point of view and how he sees things.  She clearly has some connection to the Necromantic forces in Malifaux as she has no formal magical training.  So it is either instinctual, the Grave Whispering, or some other source of power she has access to.  But without access to her actual thoughts or more stories we can only guess what might be behind her or her motivations.

That said it is pretty clear she has some sort of unnatural unseen charismatic aura, it seems to draw people to believe in her even if they are not even sure exactly what she is standing for.  They just believe in her thus follow her direction without being sure where she is leading them.  It seems even undead can fall under this charm even though many no longer have any sort of individual will. 

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