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Monthly Painting Challenge - August


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Hey all, sorry the post is a day late but finished these late last week and have just got to a computer to post them. The Crossroad Seven got finished making my August total including the hoar cats come to 62 (Hoar Cats x2 8, Crossroads Seven: Pride 8, Wrath 8, Gluttony 8, Greed 8, Envy 8, Lust 8, Sloth 8. )


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On 8/10/2018 at 11:35 PM, Aa7 said:

Progress this month so far. Hoarcats done and crossroad seven started.


They are in this post. Seems the times I post from my tablet it doesn't link the same and show the images??

Same as my April and May entries which are there but haven't shown correctly? Here they are again while i'm on a desktop computer

April Images:



May Images



August images



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Here are the pics of my models from august. In total 41 SS (3 Oxfordian Mages = 18 SS + Mei Feng = 15 SS + Joss = 10 SS).


Family picture of the Oxfordian Mages. The one in the left lost a lot of detail due to the primer and then the paint stripper. Oh well...


Rumor says she shouts "Squirtle!!" in honour of her favourite pokemon when playing with water.


Levtitating can be achieved having dinner at Taco Bell.


You can achieve this look for a low cost cosplay if you spill gasoline on your hands.


This one it looks like Mei Feng is about to deliver some foot to poor Joss.


Joss wondering where he left his watch.


Mei Feng cracking wood because reasons. 


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On 9/1/2018 at 12:04 PM, Burnin' Coal said:

@Chou Joss especially looks great...personally I struggle with NMM and have only tried it on small details so if that is your first attempt then my hat goes off to you as it's very impressive 

Thank you very much! I I have to keep practicing but so far I'm quite happy about, it's something I wouldn't do for every models (I'm looking at you, 5 SS peons) because it still takes me a lot of time. Next step is learning to do it with the airbrush!

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On 9/1/2018 at 6:04 AM, Burnin' Coal said:


@Caedrusand now that Jakob Lynch (who lots of my NB models are based around - so quite a few dollars invested and a lot of hours in painting time)  is not appearing as a master in 3e then I think my road into Malifaux may well be coming to an end and will remain forever in 2e 

Just so you know: Lynch will be fully playable in 3e. He's going to be TT only but hiring is going very thematic in 3e so he should have access to all or  most of the models you've got for him.

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@H4ml3t Thanks...appreciate your reassurance 👍...but....changelings ,doppelgänger, beckoners, depleted ?....it's not just the money it's also the hours and hours of paint time...but even more than that it's the idea of something you have invested in being so radically reconfigured....I can understand that for some, perhaps most, the prospect of such a shake up may be very exciting but for me it just makes me think "hmm....so this time it was Lynch....so who will be next ?"....as a consequence one part of me goes "in Wyrd we trust" because as a whole I have really enjoyed the lore, the stories and most of the models they continue to produce...until now....the other part of me however is feeling far less generous especially as I don't care much for the new card design either...whatever...it's only my personal opinion 

We don't know an awful lot so time will tell...until then it's still make and paint time😉....and TOS on the way !! 😃

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It's early to say but I think most of those models will still be playable with Lynch. Beckoners and Depleted for sure.

Over my past 2 years of playing Malifaux I've been very impressed with the way Wyrd has supported the game and the players. The move to 3e worries me somewhat but I have faith it will be a good thing. Lilith is my favorite Master, I like Lynch and haven't previously played TT, and I was about to buy Collodi. 

For now we should eat, drink, and paint minis for tomorrow we die.

(Also excited for TOS)

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On 9/5/2018 at 2:24 AM, Franchute said:

in my case, I have acquired so many models that I dont have the right to complain about which master belongs to which faction 😂

I feel you... I have all the Outcast models, everything from the Arcanists, around 75% of the Guild, a lot of Resus, some TT... and then The Other Side with its Cult of the Burning Man. 

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