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Players in Nottingham (UK)

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Trying this again in the right forum (I hope)!

Hello, I recently moved to Nottingham from Surrey, are there any local clubs/players that play Malifaux here?  I can't seem to find any!

I am getting the hype for the new edition and I'd like to start playing regularly again (I haven't played Malifaux for a couple of years now).


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There is a small community of Malifaux players at Boards and Swords Hobbies in Derby, just down the M1 from Nottingham.

Being from Nottingham myself, there arn't many other gaming communities outside of Games Workshop in the city, they have their HQ in Nottingham and tend to dominate the area.

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Am also a Malifaux player in Nottingham who struggles to find games.  I have one mate who I play against, but would like more regular play (as allowed by having a near 2 year old child!) I don't know of any clubs that play in Nottingham, but I can host home games easily with a massive man-den in the back garden almost purpose built for the job.  

Let me know if your interested in a game sometime.  Can't promise too regular, the wife would kill me, but can easily get in a few games.  

I'm based in Ruddington.  

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