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WGV Errata's Cards - Topic

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I don't know if Wyrd still has planning to print errata's cards via Wargame Vault.

While i'm, i would like to make a summary of missing or wronged cards:


- Last 2018 Errata Cards for Nico/Sandeep/Lynch

- Gremlins Survivors cards of models B and C

- Neverborn Bunraku cards of models B and C

- Guild Cyborg Upgrade (in box of new upgrade there was only one)

- Arcanist Wind Gamin cards of models B and C

- Pandora's Card (on Wgv, but i think every Pandora cards in Eu) have an error on "Mass Hystheria" trigger: :mask:mask instead of :mask:tome


I know that it is easier print them, but i'd rather having them all the same.
Please let us know if the project is still ongoing..



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