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H: Fully painted Neverborn collection; W: lot of money

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Ladies and gentelmen, it's time to say bye to my lovely collection.
Almost everything is painted by a local studio to a very good standard for comission. Only models that are made from colored plastic are unpainted. However they are considered as painted by official rules ;)

The warband includes five masters and a really good set of models. Most of these models have good combos with several masters, which brings a lot of variety. I tried to have only useful models (imo). Also you will be able to play with friends for fun or drawn your opponents in their tears at high level tournaments.

The lot:
- Dreamer
- Pandora (dayglow green)
- Lynch (dayglow purple)
- Titania
- Zoraida (alt. metal)
- Daydreams x3
- Poltergeist
- Hung. Darkness (dayglow purple)
- Primordial Magic
- Voodoo Doll (limited)
- Lord Chompy Bits
- Candy (dayglow green)
- Widow Weaver
- Angel Eyes
- Aeslin
- Nekima
- Coppelius
- Doppleganger
- Baby Kade (dayglow green)
- Iggy
- Teddy
- Miss Ery (alt. Teddy)
- Serena Bowman
- Mr. Tannen
- Mr. Graves
- Barbaros (limited)
- Scion of Black Blood
- Lilitu
- Lelu
- Hooded Rider
- Mysterious Emissary
- Alps x3
- Insidious Madness x2
- Stitched Together x2
- Sorrows x3 (dayglow green)
- Illuminated x3 (dayglow purple)
- The Tooth
- Rougarou x1
- Cyclop x1
- Waldgeist x1
- Silurid x1
- Gupps x1
- Will'O'Wisps x2
- Bloodwretch x2
- Beckoner x1
- Depleted x2
- Bandersnatch 
- Changelings x2
- Changeling x1 (conversion made from Emissary's fae)
- Nurse x1
- Mysterious Effigy
- all models have their cards and upgrades
- all models that were errated have their new cards (exept Nurse)
- all masters have 5th wave upgrades
- also there are many additional neverborn upgrades such as thousand faces (x2), malifaux provides (x2), fears given form (x2), etc.
- ultra comfortable custom made transport case with trays inside

The price is freaking huge: 900 850 800 750 700 usd. This includes free world wide shipping to any corner of our world. Don't forget about amazing custom made carrying case!
I'm not too crazy (actually no, I'm totally crazy :D). I just want to take back at least something that I spent on comission painting.

Of course I am open for reasonable offers and bargain.





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34 minutes ago, daniello_s said:

Selling as whole or large chunks of this set are also possible to be grabbed?

Well, of course I prefer to sell everything as one piece. As you see there is a very good transport case which will make the shipping really safe (and comfortable for me to ship:)).

However, I can think about that. It depends how large that chunks would be;)

Maybe some of you friends or community members could be interested in pieces that you are not like?

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I can exclude Jakob Lynch and his supportive models from the lot for ultra obvious reason (hghm...3d edition...hghm...).

Of course it will be followed by a discount;)

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9 hours ago, daniello_s said:

You need to be patient, man. It took me almost 4 months till I sold my Gremlins so you know... 😁

Thanks mate! Hopefully I will survive next 3 months without food:D

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9 hours ago, PetitDalek said:

Have you tried posting in Wyrd Trades Facebook groups? You should get more views over there 😀 





Oh yeeah! I didn't try the second link before, but I used the first for sure. Also I put my selling in other facebook wargame groups, dakkadakka and reddit. Unfortunatelly I can't do that at ebay cause of my small selling limit.

Anyway thanks for your suggestions mate!

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Small hint: same new models will cost you around $570.

Which means that painting of the lot costs almost nothing - $130 for 53 models (not counting colored plastic models):o

P.s. Holy crap! I forgot about carrying case, which costed me $60.

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