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[SPAIN] 1er Torneo Goblifaux / 1st Goblifaux Tornament, GTS Barcelona

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Hey Wyrdos!

On the 21st of July there will be a Malifaux tournament at GoblinTrader Barcelona!

* When: 21st July, Saturday. 

* Where: GoblinTrader Barcelona (C/Girona 25)

* What:

       - 50 SS, GG2018

       - Three rounds, 2 hours per round 

       - Fixed faction, multiple masters

       - 5 euros fee, all for prizes. 16 places, more could be opened if needed.

       - Registering at 09:45, first round at 10:00. Prize ceremony and closing at 18:45

       - Schemes and strategies in the Facebook link


Find more info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/203948573651779/

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