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27-29 July 2018 Enforcer Brawl. Krasnoyarsk. Russia

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Greetings to all! 27-29 July within the framework of the summer school "Northland" we plan to hold the largest event in Russia for children from 14 to 18 years In the format "Enforcer Brawl" . The tournament will be held for three days. And plans to take 60 participants. Many of them already have their own models. But for the newcomers we bought a large number of decks and models, all those who wish will be provided.  Of course, a couple of days before the tournament will be held training games.  It will be a great opportunity for young players to get acquainted with our favorite game, and join our community.

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The tournament was held for three days. It was great, though difficult. Children easily understood the rules. But even those who already played on the results of three days bypassed the twelve-year-old girl Arina with a large margin (3rd on the right in the photo, the photo was made before the 3rd round). The goal was to understand whether children can master such a complex game at all - the answer can be with great pleasure.
After the tournament there were still a few games in the TTB. Where the children continued to plunge into the plot of the world. As a result, many wish to seriously engage in hobbies when they return to the city. And we will be glad to new faces. We need to work with youth. In the modern information noise and the variety of hobbies, they just need to point the way, and they really are really interested in everything.
The event was attended by 48 people. Unfortunately the photos came out not very good. And it did not happen to collect all at once. I had to constantly go from table to table and the role of photographer was shifted to another person.

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