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[GERMANY] Italian player looking for others

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Hello everyone!
Please forgive me in advance for my bad English, but that's not my mother language and not even German!
I live in the city of Moers right now and I'm looking for Malifaux players in this area!
I crave even for a place to buy this things here, and maybe in this kind of shop I can play with someone!
Contact me or leave a message if anyone of you have any news!

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you can find quite a few people playing Malifaux in Düsseldorf - just look for Drachental.

Of course you could make the trip to Cologne as well and visit us at there at Top Tables. Fridays and Sundays are usually our Malifaux days.

Language will not be an issue as most of us know at least enough English to go through a game of Malifaux.

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