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So I did't go super deep into the Kick start and Just got the commander level.  What do you think I will be really wanting to get?


Thinking Steel Legion and Mech inf. Anything Else?


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Well first of all, I think every starting player, regardless of Allegiance, should consider having an Adjunct or one of their single model fireteams on hand. Not only do they tend to be good in their own right, but they're also cheap filler options that you can throw in when you have a couple of scrip spare. In the case of Abyssinia, the Engineer's (your adjunct) card draw tends to be absurdly good. There's also the Rail Gunner who can provide you with a powerful long ranged shot. But if you can afford the scrip cost the better option, IMO, is the Marauder. He's fast enough to flank your opponent's force and take unguarded objectives, which is very important for alot of games.  

 If you want to take Steel Legion and Mech Infantry, Kassa Doyle might make a good second Commander for her Titan-specific synergies (she also really likes Dreadnoughts, of course!).

There's also Electrocutioners, who's affinity for prototypes give them some synergy with your starter box Commander - Prince Ulthani. 

Finally (because I might as well go over almost everything ;) ), Basotho Cavalry have a similar role to the above Marauder (fast Flankers), which makes them invaluable for the relatively slow Abyssinia. 


Anyway, to boil all that down, if you want to expand to 2-commander games you could get Kassa, the Dreadnought, a unit of Steel Legion or Mech Infantry (or both if you drop some Mehal Safari) and a couple of the above cheap units to give you enough for a full 2-commander game. 

But if you're trying to stick to 1-commander games with the Prince, you could consider swapping in Electrocutioners, a Marauder w. the Toughness Asset and an Engineer (to replace Crow Runners and one of the Mehal Safari) to vary your list up a little. Finding room for a unit of Steel Legion or Mech infantry would work too of course - it's not going to break your list if you don't take Electrocutioners. ;)

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