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H: LE Models and Crews W: Selected Models or $$

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Hi all
I have quite a few extra LE models and crews that I don't need and I'd love to trade. I live in the US so good old $$ are always an option, otherwise I'm looking for a few selected items (below).
- LE Miss Fire (alt Willie)
- LE Translucent Purple Killjoy
- LE Johana
- LE Dayglow Kirai Crew
- LE Translucent Yellow Kandara
- LE Miss Anne Thrope (Wastrel)
- Guild half of Starter Box (including decks, measuring tapes etc.)
- Bad Ink Fate Deck
- Grootslang
- Big Brain Brin
- Hinamatsu
- Backdraft Encounter Box
- Gautreaux Bokor
PM if interested!

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