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Nelly Propaganda


Had a game last night and we were discussing the use of the propaganda triggers:


I  had some evidence and flipped a Ram :


so will this allow me to take 1 trigger for the built in ram, 1 from the Ram flipped and 1 from removing an evidence marker.

I can only the evidence be used for the extra triggers, so I had to remove 2 evidence instead of 1.

The wording "A single suit in the final duel total may be used for multiple triggers" I interpreted that the built in suit I can use for 1 trigger, the flipped ram for the next and the last for the evidence.


Was this correct?




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1 ram is all you need, further rams don't help. Having2 rams does not let you declare 2 triggers. So you need 1 evidence for each trigger after the first. 

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