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Deadman's Tales

Executioners Conversion

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Hello all!

I just finished painting the main elements of my newest crew (Dr Dufresne & Dr Grimwell's crew) but, to be done with it, I still need to paint my two *unassembled* executioners...

Thing is, I would LOVE to give those baddies more of a ''crazy surgeons'' look, or at least something that would make them more hospital/asylum-themed. I'm good enough with modelling not to be afraid of modding the miniatures (adding/removing pieces, using greenstuff, etc.), but I find myself without any idea as to how reach my goal.

Do any one of you would have ideas to give me? Bits I should use? 

Thank you!

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You could replace one's claw fingers with syringes all crazy doctor like perhaps.  Narrow tube or greenstuff, possible actual small needles for the poky ends.

Oh, you could also replace one's arm with a bonesaw like Sebastian's.  The other could be Fishhook maybe.

Otherwise somehow replacing their heads with ones with surgical masks like Lusciousmccabe suggested

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