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Help me "complete" my collection, please? :)

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We don't know where Nico will end up, but he is worse after the nerf.

I understand that you can't make a black and white, this is the truth list, but how you would sort Ressers in terms of tiers?

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3


I own Seamus, Nico, Reva and McM.
Wanna know what I should focus own to learn and also what to boy. Plan is to start playing a league this autumn so want some kind of plan.

Asura Rotten seems to be a must buy.
Anna Lovelace is nice? P&N? Yin?

I wanna keep my buys down but still get the best I need?
My plan is to focus on Reva and McM.



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I think that Asura and the Carrion Emissary are very interesting and useful models that work very well with Nicodem and Reva, and they could take part of a McMourning crew if needed. Yin is another model I really enjoy, but I found she works the best with Reva and Seamus, letting you create a Wp crew of doom with the latter or sentencing to death an enemy per turn for Reva. If you wanted to go with McMourning, maybe the new and cheap Shikomes can be wellcome, and they work with Nico too! I think you are missing some kind of scheme runner, but I do not know who to recommend. As the fantastic Claim Jump is no more, the Necropunks are no longer the instatake all days, but they come alone in a box, so you do not have to buy another master to get them!

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Ok, for Reva then I think the emissary and Yin are very good models, as well as Asura. With that you can get more vectors to attack from. Some people recommend using Killjoy or bette noir, but I am not shure about them. A scheme runner is never a bad addition to any crew. At some point, after playing many times the "only beater" Reva, you can start focusing on Blood Mark, and in that case, Shikomes or Lampads can be good additions, but they do not seem to be an inmediate buy.

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I'd actually go against Yin in a Reva crew.  While Yin can set up a beautiful spike when she lands her debuff, I often find Reva doesn't really need the help.  Yin isn't bad per se in the crew, just that eventually you may find the stones better spent elsewhere.

Models I *would* recommend wholeheartedly though are Rotten Belles and a Dead Doxy or two.  Most opponents will try to stay well clear of Reva's corpse field, and these two models are great for forcing your opponent into them.  Dead Doxy has the added bonus of giving the same terminal debuff as Yin on the right suit also, though it's not something I'd think you'd need to focus on.

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