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Hateful Darkblack

PullMyFinger has moved and survives!

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Good PMF News: PullMyFinger Wiki lives! The amazing Dan Miner has moved existing content off the rapidly-disintegrating Wikispaces site and onto another site.

Sad PMF News: Users didn't migrate! If you want to update it, please please please go to this page to create an account:


But! It definitely needs a lot of love and management, and a lot of newer models don't have entries. Come log in and update! I haven't been doing a lot of keeping up with newer models and strategies, so I hope that people who know more and are more active are willing to take up the torch.

Thanks everyone!

Ted/Hateful Darkblack

P.S. I'll update URLs and post more soon.

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It's a shame that this wasn't organized properly, because apparently there's three versions out there now. The Canvas one (which I spent the good part of a week on, migrating stuff to, to preserve it if the original one died), this one that's sprung up almost fully formed, and allegedly another one.

Hopefully the relevant webmasters can discuss things, because having multiple versions of the same thing is just a bad idea, as it isn't conducive to have two places people need to update. A single source is preferable to multiple ones.

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