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Post July 2018 Errata - Lynch?

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As it was written, the upgrade was completely useless. There is no such thing as 'brillance condition' so it was kind of an obvious mistake/missprint/typo or whatever you want to call it. From there you had to agree if it should be 'under the influence' condition or 'brillance characteristic'. I am glad it's the characteristic though I don't know if it will change much on how lynch is played... (I don't have depleted and with the ambiguous wording, it was a good excuse to avoid the upgrade and buying them)

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I've tried it a couple times, and I've summoned a Depleted or two off of it. I'm not overly impressed. I think the ability is okay, it's just probably not worth two stones and an upgrade slot. I don't love Wanna See a Trick either, but it's probably the better third upgrade.

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I have found the summoning insanely good, unless the conditions exclude model spam.

The Depleted are undervalued models, and unlike normal ones who have to waddle over from the touchline, these ones are usually summoned amongst enemies. As they are tarpit-exploders, this is really where they need to be. I have frequently summoned two or three by midgame, and made a quagmire for my opponents. They don't want them on the table, but they are too expensive to remove from the table. 

Now several of my opponents try and focus down Huggy, which is always a win for Lynch, in my opinion.

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