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I've downloaded everything avaialble and even went on to get the cards printed out. 

There are a few things missing though...We need Tokens to play with the new characters, and the purity token as well. Could these be put into a printable format somewhere?



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On 7/18/2018 at 9:58 AM, Kyle said:

Thanks for pointing this out, @Sybaris. These Warrior standees and the Purity token are now available on the Darkness Comes Rattling website. If you click on "War of the Spirits Rules" in the Resources section, it should provide you with a .zip file of everything for the expansion, which now includes the Warriors and the Purity token.

Thanks alot for that.

For further constructive feedback on these character cutouts, they work if we use them as "flat" tokens, but not as stand up player tokens (like we're supposed to if we follow the guidelines and the standard of the original game).

The reason is that the file provides cutouts with the warrior on one side and its spirit form on the other side. The result is that we can't really know what form a character is in at one time (since both sides are visible at the same time).

We would actually need 4 total character cutouts, 2 for each character representing the spirit and warrior "forms". 


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