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Monthly Painting Challenge - July


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I went on vacation with only mobile Internet, but I'm back home and here's my July production: Kade and Doppelganger (7+7 SS). I am not very happy with how Kade turned out, but Doppelganger was fun to paint and base (her feet are huge on the metal sculpt, that's why I hid them behind flowers). I am also slooowly progressing on my Colette, she might just be ready for M3E :D



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11 hours ago, Purple Mist said:

@H4ml3t - Original basing choice! I like it! Is it a pool of blood,...or fire? Anyway it's great! congrats!

Pool of Blood. The phone camera doesn't show it all that well.

I didn't like that only the ball of one foot would be touching the base so I cut her off just above her knees and modeled her coming up from the blood.

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Whelp. Strike three and I'm out of here.

Quite a pity, but july was even more busy than june or may. I'm seriously starting to regret letting may go so easily, since I'll finally have the time to paint again from august onwards and may was just a bit of a motivational low. Well, too late now.

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1 hour ago, Joachim said:



Hey geys, oh my, it has been so busy at work and then I went on holiday. I had no time at all to pain.

So unfortunately I'll have to use another mulligan. I'm definitely excited to start painting again and I have some plans for my Kirai crew so I'll definitely try and report on the progress.


Joachim this is your third mulligan! 😱

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