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Operation: MisShen Impossible

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4 hours ago, Rurouni Benshin said:

Nice battle report!  Sounds like he misplayed Perdita in this mission though.  She's great at killing things, but when it comes to Interaction heavy missions, they're not her forte.  McCabe, Lucius or even Nellie would've given you a bit more of a challenge.

Which is one the best takeaways from Shenlong, imo.  His versatility allows for mid game changing strategy pretty well, provided he's got the support he needs.  I feel you could've benefited mo

I will be bringing Shen to a tournament this weekend. Plan on  playing him into Public Executions and Extraction. The round I played last I'm going McCabe as I think the pool is tailored for him. Not that Shen didn't do well but McCabe is just perfect for it and you don't see that often. As far as HRM vs Wandering River. The HRM dropped a marker and tangled up some models for a few turns and killed a monster hunter. Something I don't know that the Wanderer would have pulled off and for 2 more stones than the HRM. At 5ss these guys are really turning into MVPS. That said, I might have done better with a Yokai instead though I think the difference between df5 and df6 would have left the Yokai in worse shape overall. (also I don't own wandering yet, after Stake a Claim left Gaining Grounds didn't see a need for them)

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