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Want to come and test your skills with your new toys? Want to make loads of mistakes but have a great day of cobbling the game together? Then head on down and duke it out Earthside (barring any further delays!) 

obviously we’ll take this with a pinch of salt with shipping going out late July (hopefully). This is subject to change, but i’m gauging interest in the UK’s first tournament for ‘the other side’! I didn’t play the beta so rules pack to follow. Our venue can probably only hold a few tables worth but if there’s enough interest i’ll change to another larger local venue!

i’m also considering running this at Leodis games. 

With the Delay we are looking at early September now folks! 

Provisional sign up sheet:

1-Billy Mason 

2-proximo coal


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9 hours ago, Skitt_Happens said:

I am definitely interested - will watch closely!


I presume you are not going to have a painting requirement?

Nope no painting requirement though i will give out a prize for favourite faction if people have painted (though i never require painting) 

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