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Lightning Bugs 2 - Daventry - 13th October

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After the success of last year's event, and working round the disappearance of the Derby Worlds show, we're back with a 1 day event at Battlefield Hobbies in Daventry.

It'll be a standard 50SS fixed faction, 3 round event, and will be a first chance to try out the latest releases and story encounter boxes. Also use it as a practice for the UK Nationals the following month. 32 places (with an option to expand if necessary).

Rulespack and payment details are here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/im15jrak8m88eo0/Rules Pack - Lightning Bugs - Oct18.pdf?dl=0


  1. Shaun Mitchell
  2. Jon Curtis
  3. Alex Hill
  4. Darren Pebody
  5. Max Pebody
  6. Steve Johnston
  7. Ben Sime
  8. Dan Humpage
  9. Kian Humpage
  10. Tim Brown
  11. Kevin Woodward
  12. Johanthan Clarke
  13. Craig Colley
  14. Ollie Hedges
  15. Darren Jenkinson
  16. Tobias Dracup
  17. Josh Leak

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Please start buying your tickets! Prize pack has arrived from Wyrd - size will match number of players, and includes shiny cards for all players.

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