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ShotgunGypsy's Malifaux

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There isn't much to improve IMO. For Tabletop miniatures I would add more highlights. And the shoulder bag needs some more shadows, highlights an weathering.

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Those are some very nice models.

I couldn't give any recommendations on terms of painting technique. You've done a great job on everything from the bases to the weathering and picking out the textures across the models. That's no small feat given the shallowness of details on the fabric areas which your creative blood work has made a lot more interesting.

If I were to pick something to work on I'd say the colour composition. The blue spot colour on the mask is a nice way of drawing the eye towards the models' faces, but the first orderly has so much on his hands that I can't stop looking at them, which probably isn't what you wanted. I'm also not sure there's an advantage to having such a different colour brown for his apron and nurse Heartsbane's bag, or if it's just a distraction.

They're only minor things but I figured I'd mention them since you're looking for feedback and have otherwise done a great job balancing the colours  to give them a cohesive, but individual look.


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