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50SS tournament July 21st @ Dragon's Roost Sylvania, OH

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Join us at Dragon's Roost (6600 W. Sylvania Ave., STE 3C, Sylvania, Oh  43560) for our 1st annual Battle for the Bay 50ss Tournament July 21st, 2018! This is our inaugural tournament and we aim to make it a special one. Each paid entry will receive a steampunk-inspired card deck commemorating the event. Tournament rules will follow GG2018 and the July rotation for deployment and strategy. In addition to our tournament, we will be holding a steampunk costume contest with prizes! Please check here as well as Dragon's Roost facebook page for updates!

Entry Fee: $20

Tournament awards will include:
Top 3 competitors
Best Painted Crew
Wooden Spoon

3 Raffle Drawings

Tournament Schedule:
10:30-11:00 Player Registration
11:00-1:00 Round 1
1:00-1:30 Cosplay/Snack Break
1:30- 3:30 Round 2
3:45- 5:45 Round 3
6:00- 7:00 Dinner Break
7:00- 9:00 Round 4
9:00- 9:30 Awards

Round Time Limit: 120 minutes
•Round 1 - Ours, Standard Deployment
Guarded Treasure
Inescapable Trap
Show of Force
Take One For the Team

•Round 2 - Public Executions, Flank Deployment
Eliminate the Leadership
Undercover Entourage
Public Demonstration
Set Up
Inescapable Trap

•Round 3 - Guard the Stash, Close Deployment
Guarded Treasure
Undercover Entourage
Show of Force
Recover Evidence
Take Prisoner

•Round 4 - Symbols of Authority, Corner Deployment
Punish the Weak
Search the Ruins
Hold Up Their Forces
Inescapable Trap


Player Responsibility:
Players are responsible for providing:
•Models for their Crew(s)
•The rulebook and official Wyrd Stat Cards
•A Fate Deck (one with Malifaux Suits)
•A measuring tape
•Appropriate Counters/Markers/Tokens

Painting Rules:
Part of a miniature game is the hobby aspect, and we aim to promote that in official Malifaux tournaments. Painted models are required for play. Players will have a wide range of individual skill, and there is, therefore, a considerable amount of leeway to this rule. There is no
guideline or painting rubric, rather the player is simply expected to put in some effort. Bare models or those with just primer are not allowed. Models made from non-gray plastic may be unpainted, as paint would defeat the translucent or day-glow effect. Note: This rule is not meant to exclude inexperienced painters from playing, it is simply an expectation that players are making an effort.

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The time is drawing near! We are expecting a great turnout for this event! Recently added is a pre-registration form that will allow us to have a lot of bookkeeping done ahead of time and give you the option to pay via credit ahead of time. You can find that form here:


We are looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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