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Lucius Mattheson

Greetings and salutations from across the Breach

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Good afternoon,

I am the Private Secretary to the Governor-General of Malifaux... In actual fact, I am a young man in Scotland interested, to begin with, in the fluff and background of Malifaux.

I am an avid reader and would like to work my way through all the background information: my health is a bit rickety and some light reading might be a great help.

This laptop (twelve years old) is very unreliable and refuses to run the Wyrd website, so while I am waiting for a new one I'd be very grateful if you could give links to any online content for later use.

As I understand it, we have:

Malifaux 1 ed. -- out of print, obtainable second hand (?)

Malifaux 1.5 ed.  -- five volumes, obtainable via Wyrd store

As I understand it, 1 and 1.5 seem to be alternative versions of the same work.

Malifaux 2 ed. -- five volumes, obtainable via Wyrd store

Lastly, there is ''Chronicles'', a monthly magazine with archive. Could someone provide links?

The Wyrd website seems to have some lore, as does a separate second edition website. My current laptop is thoroughly unreliable, but I suppose there is a 1.5. website? Are there any others -- links also.

Reference is made online to ''a big rulebook'' with fluff and lore -- I presume this refers to the First Edition and Second Edition rulebooks, but it is just possible that this is a separate volume to the various editions.

P.S. I am dimly aware, on the periphery, of Through the Breach and The Other Side, which must have lore-books: could someone help me find them?

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Hello and welcome. 

There are 4books of first edition, from a story point of view there is no 1.5 edition, it has the same story as the first edition main rule book, with a few editing changes. I think the books went main rules, rising powers, twisted fates and storm of shadows.   There are now 5 books of second edition.

The term big rule book is to differentiate from the rules manual, which has rules and no story. 

All the books are available electronically from drive thru rpg. It is also the site where you can obtain the free chronicles from. 

It also has all the through the breech books, which range from the rules, to "faction" expansion and stand alone adventures ( called penny dreadfuls). Some of these are only available electronically but most can be found in paper form somewhere. 

The other side is not yet out, it's due soon. 

The character biography on the wyrd site is very brief. I don't know of another lore site, there was pull my finger but it's more tactics of the models than lore. 

You may not be interested, but the podcast the breech side broadcast has been reading the stories from the malifaux books. 

Sorry I'm on my phone so too inept to put a link to drive thru rpg. 


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