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[Latvia] - Now Nerf This! Tournament - August, 25th, 2018 @ Riga, LV

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Hello, Wyrd people from all over the Malifaux!

This is an announcement post for Malifaux Latvia organized tournament. We'll use the latest errata available prior to August, 10th, 2018 for this event, just to see how new changes will affect our gameplay. 

Format: Single-faction, Henchman Hardcore
When: Saturday, August, 25th, 10:30 - 20:00. 4 rounds x 1hours 45 min each
Where: Dreamforge Latvia, Arhitektu 1, Riga, Latvia. 
Capacity: 6-17 player
Strategy & SchemesGG2018, Strategies & Schemes will be announced at the event.
RulesGG2018, latest Errata & FAQ released prior to August, 10st, 2018 are used. 
Attendance fee: 10 EUR, pay cash at the event
Prizes: Official prize pack corresponding to the number of participants. The main prize - choose between mystery box or 40% of attendance fees as Dreamforge credit. Secondary prize - not selected the option of the main prize. 1 Small mystery box raffle for those who are not getting the main or secondary prize. "Wooden spoon" is choice of Dreamforge credit (9 EUR) or "Consolation Cocktail"  from GameStation Bar (9 EUR) for the last place. 
Other: All models should be assembled and based on right-sized base. Highly recommended all models to be carefully painted. The fully-painted crew gets one extra Soulstone to master cache (limit of 7 still applies). 
Proxy according to GG2018 rules is allowed. Other proxy models need to be approved by organizer before the event. Full-color copies of model cards and upgrades from rulebooks are allowed. Malifaux suited deck is highly recommended (be prepared to replace your non-Malifaux deck with another one if opponent asks you for it). Book 5 unavailable models proxies are acceptable upon organizer approval. New models and/or upgrades, announced at GenCon 2018 are not allowed during this tournament. 

To register, please reply below or send a message to malifaux.Latvia@gmail.com with the subject "Now Nerf This Registration". Please, include your name, faction and contact method (phone number). 

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