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Origins Game Fair Malifaux Tournament 2018

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I haven't completed the full Tournament Pack for the Origins Game Fair Malifaux Tournament but here are the basics:

Saturday June 16 10am-9pm
32 Players Max
50ss Single Faction Tournament using the GG18 rules.
3 or 4 Rounds depending on the number of Players

Round 1.
Extraction/Standard Deployment
Surround Them
Dig Their Graves
Undercover Entourage
Show of Force
Recover Evidence

Round 2.
Ply for Information/Flank Deployment
Surround Them
Hold Up Their Forces
Search the Ruins
Recover Evidence

Round 3.
Headhunter/Close Deployment
Guarded Treasure
Covert Breakthrough
Inescapable Trap
Take Prisoner
Public Demonstration

Round 4.
Supply Wagons/Standard
Guarded Treasure
Set Up
Inescapable Trap
Take One for the Team

Feel free to post here or message me with questions. Full pack should be up tomorrow.

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