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Malifaux Ranking. Advice needed.)

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Dear All,
I d like to thank Malifaux Rankings for the possibility to use Malifaux ranking system for Russian community. Most of community is very pleased to have such instrument like MR to observe the life of meta.
Five month have passed from the beginning of Malifaux Rankings Russia and more than 50events were ranked. 
However the community have some questions:
1. We have the event named "AprilFaux's Days, Ekaterinburg, 50 ss" which have been duplicated and cannot be deleted (possibly the problem is the (') simbol in the name of event). This event has severe influance on statistics and shall be deleted. May be someone knows how to deal with it?
2. This summer and autumn we are going to have several major events in Russia(kind of local GT's and National). Is it possible to attach badges to the winners of theese events as it was done in UK Rankings? What shouls I do?
With best regards.)

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