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Malifaux @ Sanctuary-Flipped Out! 18th August Nottinghamshire

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Come and join us for our monthly Malifaux event here at Sanctuary, get your points on the board that go towards the Hall Of Fame event in September.

Welcome to our monthly Malifaux event.

Soul Stones: 50

3 Rounds lasting 2 hours, time will start once all players are at their table.

Players must bring the following with them, 

•Models for their Crew(s)

•Rulebooks and official Wyrd Stat Cards

•A Fate Deck (one with Malifaux Suits)

•Measuring tape

•Appropriate Counters/Markers/Tokens


Models do not have to be painted but is strongly encouraged!


10.00am Doors open for registration and caffeine fix

10:30-12.30 Round 1

12.30-13:30 Break for lunch

13:30-15:30 Round 2

15.45-17:45 Round 3

Schemes and Strategies-Coming Soon!

Entry into this event is £10.00-YOU CANNOT PAY ON THE DAY!!!

Please book in advance if at all possible!

You can purchase tickets in store or by sending a PayPal payment to sanctuarygamingcentre@outlook.com.

If you are paying via PayPal please leave a note with your name and which event you are attending.


1st Place and Wooden spoon– Trophy

Store credit will be distributed accordingly.

If there are 20 or more players then there will be a 20% discount in the store.

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Shame it is on a Saturday (I have to work), but I will see if some of our guys are interested in dropping down (if you have the event on Facebook send me the link and I will add them to it).

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