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The new Outcast player rundown!

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I am a long time Warmachine player and talked a friend of mine to give this game a try. I'm not sure his opinion but I love the setup of this game from the extra soul gems, the on-the-fly list build, the strategies and schemes, and the low model count. It was tough for me to decide what faction to try first, but went with Outcasts cause the Viks, cause, you know, girls with swords, and the whole Sister theme sounds cool.

Listened to a lot of the Schemes and Stones podcast at work, though I understand its outdated, confirmed that I was going with the Outcasts (was debating Guild). Local store had the Von Schill box, which I bought, then the Levi box, and just got in the Viks box, plus Vanessa. Next pick probably is going to be Tara or Misaki. I know this isn't the best way to learn stuff, but everything sounds so cool! No charge Misaki, or time warping Tara!

I guess what I'm looking for is the thing I'm guessing is going to be the hardest to grasp from Warmachine/Hordes. I saw the thread about what Master into which GG2018 Strat. But would it be possible to get a quick run down on each master and what they are good at? Nothing more than a sentence or two is good. And then what to expect out of each faction overall. I know that could be a lot to ask, but hoping to travel to some competitive stuff after NOVA depending on situation.

This is my guess to make this easier:

Viks - Two fisted cruise missile. Generally sounds like you send Vik of Blood in, then follow up with Vik of Ash and murder town everything they get close to. Do they kinda stick together as a pair? (Love them so much btw, if you know the Twins from Legion of Everblight, I would of loved if they worked like this instead)

Von Schill (The Hulkamania) - I feel like he supports his Freikorps with a few abilities, but goes in with his Jack Knife? I read that he's more of a area control master, which is making more sense to me, granted I only played him once.

Leveticus - Unkillable killer? I don't know much into him and picked the set up cause name drops, and Rusty Alice.

Misaki - One fisted cruise missile, but I really like the idea of a full disguised/snare list and throw the opponent off by having to walk to each person. Is this a pipe dream of a list? - Misaki, Rusty Alice, Ronin, Oiran, Hans.

Tara - I wanted to avoid spamming with this game, since Warmachine/Hordes is going through a rough patch of spam lists meta in my opinion, but seems like that's the way to play her? Beast bomb as a side strategy to get The Nothing Beast in there to hassle the opponent up.

Jack Daw - put Curses on models and pull Tormented models around

Hamelin and Parker Barrows - No idea.

Solo models I'm looking into also since its not all about the box sets - Scion of the Void, Hannah, Hans, Lazarus, and the Midnight Stalker.

As for the other factions, got no clue. I have some general ideas and some not a single thing.

Thanks for any addition information!


PSA - feel free to plug stores and events near SW Virginia to keep an eye on for events in the near future. Thanks!

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1st welcome to the fold

So here's a quick rundown


Viks, kill everything, can be a glass cannon, with new upgrade, more pick you spots when combined with the Scion of the void. Good models to have are Scion, Vanessa and Marlena Webster. 

Von Schill- Armored beat stick, New upgrades are a must. Crew works best in a bubble with VS him self. Must haves are Hannah, Strong Arm Suit and Engineers, good for locking down a section of the table

Tara- Activation control, she doles out fast to her side, slow to your opponents the Nothing Beast is a top 4 beater in the faction, Also a lot of her crew attacks WP so it can catch people off guard.  good Models to have are the Child, Scion, and more void wretches 

Levi- Biggest Hiring pool in the game, can kill a model per turn the move around the board due to his anchors and waifs. very mobile killing master- good models to have are Terracotta warriors, Necropunks and Mech Rider

Hamelin- Out activates almost everyone, controls the board and turns with Rat engine, passes out blight that helps his engine and boosts his dmg output. Likes to take beaters as well

Misaki- Depending on upgrades taken she can do quite a few things, more of a point denier than strait killing Machine, the more spread out the enemy the better she is. very fragile master- Likes both Hodgepodges, also can get a cheap henchman in Ziko

Jack Daw- Places curses that make your oppoent think then rips them off for more dmg. Lots of movement tricks and hits hard, pretty fragile over all. has a big hiring pool. Good models to have a re Crooked men vs shooty factions, Drowned vs more bated factions. The Emissary adds a curse and some ways to get more movement. 

Parker- Shifts his upgrades around all the time, generates a ton of soulstones per turn, like 2 to 3 if done right, really hard to take down.  He has High TNs on a lot of his actions, Needs the Emissary to really function as well. 



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My two cents:

Best in the faction - Hamelin. Out-activation, Obey and Blight are so powerful... Quite easy to operate but booooring like hell...

Easy to learn: Levi, Viks, Misaki. Simple beaters which operate separately from the crew although Von Schill likes to have his Freikorps friends around to hand-over Oathkeeper to them and keep them alive a bit longer.

To be avoided for new players: Parker, Tara and Jack. Parker is weakest of them all. Tara with burying mechanics and Jack with Tormented techs might be difficult to use and i wouldn't recommend them to new players.

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I use Von Schill, and I agree with the armored beat stick. The Nythera Aftermath upgrade is a MUST. Just throw people away with a free +1 shoot. He is area control, but sometimes you can send him (teamed with strongarm for example) hunting down enemy models as they can charge whatever, whenever, whoever and wherever within range, and charge out if needed (against one of your own models, just hit him with clockwork arm and it will be just 1 damage and a potencial good placement

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I dont recomend Levi and Viks for new player.

Levi - too big model pool. Its too complicated for a new guy decide what he need. Better take his thematical crew - A&D and Disolate Engine.

Viks - too figile. They dont forgive mistakes and you will lose a lot in the begining.

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von Schill can be played a few ways.  Beatstick is the simplest because you can throw models around and get free shots.  He can be an area denial master because he can throw opposing models out of position, and he can take a bit of punishment himself.  But he also offers some good support for his crew, he can work well just hanging back and shooting at stuff too.  He's flexible.  Trapper and librarian in his box are handy in most crews.  He's a good master for a new player because he isn't overly complex, and even if you screw up and leave him vulnerable he'll probably survive, so he's forgiving of mistakes.

Viks are a glass cannon and can be a bit unforgiving for a new players because they do down easily - and it can be a bit confusing as different things occur on the different Viks models depending if they're outside or inside 6", or 2", or have more or fewer cards in your hand.   But they're fun.  

Tara - void wretches in her crew are handy for most crew.  I still haven't quite got her figured out, she can hand out fast/slow and the crew can sort of do their own thing, I think.  Can bury a model to run them up field and deploy them close to the enemy.

Misaki - she's a bit easier than the Viks and hits hard too, although I think she's really a 10 Thunders master as she works better with their models. However with the box set she's fine.  She's pretty tough.  

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Leveticus is probably the best master to start with due to several reasons.

1. He's a very reliable damage dealer once you learn his placement and :+fliptricks. Pick your targets well and turn them into Abominations or just murder them (not very good at killing masters or high Wd targets due to his pitiful damage track). He's better than Jack because he doesn't need to get up close and better than Viks because there are things in the game that won't blend

2. He's durable if you position your waif/anchors right, and the geometry is very straightforward, unlike Hamelin or Jack or Parker who need to consider multiple auras to work efficiently

3. His combos are very straightforward (jump to undead, shoot/charge; kill construct, draw cards, focus, shoot) unlike the others who need multiple activations to set up value plays

4. due to 3. he's mostly independent from the rest of the crew and can hire mostly any model you like as long as you got some anchors

5. he's got minor activation control because 2 free models


as for hiring pool, he plays perfectly within faction

the more games I play, the more I tend to just take Pariah of Iron with a single Terracotta to protect Enforcers (that ability is too powerful) and swap upgrades on the go (an extra Oathkeeper in the middle of the match has won me many games).

the rest is pure preference

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Levi can be played pure outcast for sure. I have a special spot in my heart for the midnight stalker. A gentleman serial killer, he requires some getting used to but it's certainly worth the effort. Primarily used as a scheme runner, he can also pack an incredible punch against a group of models. There's a lot of tricks you can learn with this guy.

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