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7/24/18 --- Medford OR --- Enforcer Brawl Tournament

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Just reserved the space! I know it's been a while since I've hosted a Wyrd Event in the S.Oregon/NorCal area, but here are the details on our next organized play!

I'm hoping to keep this newbie friendly, and grow our small community! Got someone who you think might be interested in the game? This'll be the best place and time to learn and play!:

  • What: Enforcer Brawl Tournament (2-3 Rounds depending on turnout)
  • When: Registration starts at 12:30pm on Sunday, June 24th, 2018. Plan to play Round I at 1:00pm.
  • Where: Astral Games of Medford, OR
  • Who: This tourney is open to newbies and anyone curious about M2E. No experience necessary! Fate decks and painted models will be available to lend new players. For veteran players, there is a painting requirement for your model(s) (it's one model, I believe in you!).
  • Rules: Rules can be found in the Alternate Tournament Formats here. I am considering adding "Aussie Rules" (which is a way of earning kills via Conditions). If you have questions on specifics of these Rules, stay tuned to this thread!
  • Cost: $5 admission fee, or free if this is your first M2E tournament!
  • Prizes: Everyone will leave with a prize!

If you have any questions, post them here or PM me. Hope to see you there!


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Since the Brawl will be next weekend, I should clarify what I have in mind for the "Aussie" rule changes I want to try out!

  • Conditions (like Burning, Poison, or even Fees) will give kill credit. To do this, whenever a model applies a damaging Condition, the inflicting-model's controller's name will also be applied (for example, Joe's Iggy will now apply Joe Burning +1). All Conditions behave the same to their normal counterparts. If there are two or more named instances of the same Condition or multiple different damaging Conditions exist on the same model (ie Max's 1-Wound Miss Step has Mary Poison +2 and Joe Burning +3 and Jane Burning +1), the Conditioned model's controller decides the order of which Conditions resolves first during the End Turn step (in the earlier example, Max can decide if Mary, Joe, or Jane's Condition is what reduces his Miss Step to 0 Wounds). The intent of this rule is to promote and encourage Enforcers than were excluded from normal Brawl rules. It also makes a potential "Kingmaker" mechanic if Conditions are used by several Enforcers.
  • In addition to the normal scoring rules described in Wyrd's Official Alternate Format document, Enforcer Brawl Turf War is added as a score-able source. Enforcer Brawl Turf War is just like the Turf War described in the Core Rulebook, pg. 68, except it can score VP on the first Turn, and can be scored by one model (instead of two). The intent of this rule is to promote actual brawls in the center of the table and/or reward resilient Enforcers, while also discouraging hyper-ranged sniper models.

Comments and questions appreciated (these are experimental rules, and I'm willing to alter them for better balance)! See you all on Sunday!

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