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Newcomer first buy list

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Hi guys, 

I'm pretty new at the game so I need some advice to define the first buy list (with an easy to learn master) to get into the game.

Is seamus's crew box a good starting point? If so, what should I add to make a consistent list? 

Any advice is really appreciate :) 


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Disclaimer, Seamus is my favorite master. 

Yes Seamus’ box is good. But the question is are you looking to play competitively or just play for theme and fun?

Seamus is currently not a competitive master. You can certainly win games with him, and he isn’t garbage, but if you ever plan to play competitive events and competitive players are going to attend I’d estimate you’ll either need them to play weaker masters, hope they make a massive game changing mistake, or be 30 to 40% better than the opposing player to consistently win with Seamus. 

In Malifaux, in general, the more experienced and better player will win. But if you run into a player of equivalent skill, your master choice can give you a substantial edge over your opponent, between 30 to 50% of an edge or more.

At adepticon this year a mono-Seamus player came in 4th, so at a mid level competitive event, a fairly good player who constantly ran into players using lower tier masters did pretty well. I think that’s about the best you can expect, and that rarely. If that’s totally cool for you here’s my recommendations:

Dead Docies

Carrion Emissary


Anna Lovelace


The Colette smoke and mirrors box from Arcanists.


If you are looking to go more competitive grab:

Nicodem Box

Reva Box

Molly Box

Carrion Enissary

Asura Rotten

Mindless Zombies



Dead Doxies



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Schemes and stones has a pretty good buy list for every master. Usually I would recommend picking a faction with the highest number of masters you like, and stick with that faction. https://schemesandstones.wordpress.com/2016/07/25/building-on-a-budget-ressurectionists/

Just last year Seamus got an upgrade allowing him to summon Performers and Ice Dancers (from the arcanists faction). They can lure enemy models towards them (just like Rotten Belle's in Seamus's box), hand out poison and have a built in trigger to expunge poison. Expunging poison basically deals the full poison amount immediately to a model.

So in short, if you have Seamus's box and Mcmourning's box with performers you can run a crew like this:

Flesh Construct
1-2 Nurses
1-2 Performers

And other models I was running
Asura Roten
Guild Autopsies

Basically the nurses pile up poison on your construct, your henchman transfer it via an upgrade (transfusion) then the performers immediately deal like 9 damage to a master or whoever gets it's transfered. The nurses provide a really stable amount of poison.

That's one idea for a crew. Another is Datsue ba, Hanged, yin the pangeluem to do a bunch of horror duels. Haven't tried that yet but seems pretty fun.

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i think Seamus is a great master to start out with when your learning the rules as his box crew is pretty straight forward. Whatever Resser Master you end up playing your gonna want belles so its definitely worth the purchase.

But Fetid is right, at competitive events he doesn't hold up that well against other masters. I still play him quite a lot but only in friendlies

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