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Ebay Mali Lot for Sale

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I have this lot for sale:

Tara crew traslucent editon with led ligth installed on hechman (you just need to adapt bateries )
- Ironside crew (hechman totem and master assembly and primed, 3 oxfordian mage on sprue)
- 2 oxfordian mage
- Kaeris Crew Orange sprue Master and hechman assembly the rest on sprue
- Misaki
- 2 union workers
- 1 ember 
- 1 partially painted dancer
- 1 dancer on mistery box
- 1  gunsmith on sprue ( female version)
- 3 thunder archer
- 2 torakage
- 1 monk os low river
- 1 Rogue mecromancy
- 1 Katanaka sniper especial edition
- 1 union miner partially build
- 2 union miner on sprue
- 1 december acolyte on sprue
- 1 ototo
- 1 samurai
- 1 kang
- 1 yamaziko
- 1 toshito ( the spear is on the sprue on the box )
- 1 komaino assembled- 1 komainu on sprue
all bases and cards are incluid ( non 2017 errata version ) also special card for ironside 

This is also published on Ebay for clearer business


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