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Monthly painting challenge - June


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So here's my mid month update: 


Rat King 8ss, 3x Malifaux Rat 2each so a total of 14 so far... As usual I get sidetracked and starts other models than the ones I pledge, but I have at least got half of the pledged Rat Catcher done as well, so would probably be able to finnish it this month! But I also started on my other Rat King... 

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Last month was very demanding, but... today I finished school :)

My pledge for the month of June is Miss Ery - another favorite model of mine :)

I already started working on her last month after I finished Mysterious Effigy.
The patches will be painted as children motifs fabric but with a twist - one has bananas on it, but one of those is rotten, another will have various balls, but one of those is going to be a skull, one has cats and a spider and such.
The claws will be NMM so it looks more like a construct it is.
And it will have one eye missing, because it actaully has a "scar" over it. The other one I would like to paint so it looks demonic. I wasn't able to find it on internet, but the pupil will look similar to the bottom left one rotated 90°.

Really looking forward to painting again :)


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@Franchute Thanks for the kind words and yes - oops ! Izamu is indeed 10SS...so close to my pledge total...and yet so far...will launch myself at the Shikome tomorrow...considering how long ago Izamu had been started I was happy to see him finished...not sure I would choose that scheme a second time...one day I'll make another one because it's a great model to assemble and paint...the blade was originally all rust but then got a glowing edge as I started experimenting with dayglo colors last month

@Monkeyfist Rat King is superb ! Really tight brushwork and crisp lines - made me go "wow ! " out loud 👏

@Shock & Awe Very nice Will o'Wisps and nice contrast on Widow Weaver 👍

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Purple Mist: I'm not sure if non-contestants can comment, so please forgive me. I do like the mottled metal (especially on the near-side leg of the second Hunter) and the unrelentingly grim simplicity of the bases: conveying something of the frontier wildness and hostility of the world Breachside. The Mobile Toolkit is a wonderfully strange model, a strange mix of steam-boiler and bird-like elegance.

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After 4 weeks off of painting anything and 7 weeks off of painting Malifaux I got back to it this week and I've been hitting it with renewed interest and energy. So far I've finished Ashes and Dust, Pandora and a Nurse. Pics coming soon and might possibly complete more before the month is out.

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