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Enforcer Throw Down @ Dragon's Roost Sylvania, Oh

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Come one, come all to a death-defying test of strength and will! We will pit the strongest enforcers in Malifaux to the test in our battle royale! Rules will follow the official enforcer brawl ruleset. Your selected model should be painted. If we have enough players we will have 2 simultaneous battles that will culminate in the top 3 finishers from each table in a final rumble for the top gladiator! This is a free event with a prize raffle to follow.

Wyrd Official Enforcer Brawl Format
The Enforcer Brawl is an arena deathmatch where players take their favorite Enforcers and wreak as much mayhem 
as possible! 

Each player selects one Enforcer and attaches up to one Upgrade to it. The Upgrade must be something the 
Enforcer could have attached at the start of a normal game considering its Faction(s). (Leader only Upgrades may 
not be selected, for example.) The Enforcer must be one with a Cost which may be hired (no Coryphee Duets, for 
The game is played on a standard table. Each player flips a card to determine deployment order; the player who 
flips highest deploys first, followed by the second highest, etc., until each player has deployed their Enforcer. If two 
or more players are tied, they reflip amongst themselves. Models may be deployed anywhere on the table which is 
more than 6” from another model.
Play proceeds for 6 rounds. Each round, all players flip for initiative; the player who flips highest must go first, 
followed by the second highest, etc. until all players have gone. If two or more players are tied, they reflip amongst 
themselves. If a model receives Reactivate, it receives a second Activation at initiative -1 (if multiple models Reactivate, 
they flip to determine which goes first).
 Before the game, assign a suit (, , etc.) to each table edge. On a player’s initiative, if they have no models in play 
or buried, they must flip a card which may not be cheated (reflipping jokers). The player places a new copy of the 
model they chose at the start of the Brawl (including its Upgrade) within 6” of the board edge corresponding to the 
suit flipped and then proceeds with their Activation as normal..
The Enforcer Brawl has the following restrictions/rules:
x Players have a hand of 4 cards, instead of the usual 6.
x Any Actions, Abilities, or Triggers which summon models are considered to be “blank” (they may not be 
used and have no effect on the game, as if they were not printed on the model).
x When a model is buried, it may choose to be sacrificed instead (in which case it counts as sacrificed by the 
model which forced it to become buried).
At the end of 6 Turns, the player with the highest Victory Points wins. Players score VP in the following manner:
x 3 VP for each opposing model killed or sacrificed. A player scores 4 VP instead if the model they killed or 
sacrificed had a higher Soulstone Cost (including the cost of Upgrades) than their model did.
x 1 VP for dealing 1 or more damage to an undamaged enemy (this may stack with killing the model). A player 
scores 2 VP instead if the model they damaged had a higher Soulstone Cost (including the cost of Upgrades) 
than their model did.
x -3 VP for each time the player’s model was killed or sacrificed

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