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New to Malifaux and a bit frustrated. (Utah)

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I've been a gamer for I would say 25 years.   It all started back in my early teens playing DnD back in the 80's....I played Warhammer 40k in my early 20's then stopped playing boardgames/wargames until a few of years ago.   I pickup up games like Zombicide, Blood rage, Rising Sun, Shadespire, etc.   I have always loved miniatures so I started painting again.   I avoided wargames because I had not interest in LARGE scale 6 hour battles like warhammer 40k was back in my early 20's.

One of the guys I game with LOOOOOVES wargames so I caved and told him I would play a skirmish style game but, I am not up for a full blow warhammer 40k style game.

Soooo, the massive search started.   We looked at Frostgrave, Malifaux, Warmachine, Dark Age, and Necromunda.   We first settled on Dark Age...but found getting figures for Dark Age was EXTREMELY painful...we did however pick up the Starter Darkage set and assembled/painted them.

Since Dark Age was painful getting figures...I talked my friend into trying Malifaux....I LOVE the look of the figures and the lore and he agreed

Now is where the story takes a DARK and EVIL turn......

I ordered "No Shelter Here", a "Doppelganger", and "Teddy"(Who hasn't arrived yet).  He ordered some goblin set(I can hear his swearing from a mile away!)

I started putting together the figures in the "No Shelter Here" box set...and I have to say they are the BIGGEST PAIN IN THE !@$ figures I have ever assembled.  I don't think I have used so many swear words in such a short period of time in the past 20 years....and they look like absolute trash now...Obviously I suck at assembling models(I'm totally willing to take some of the blame here) or haven forbid Wyrd doesn't know how to easy to assemble figures.....

Dark Age figures (Medium)

Shadespire Figures (EASY and very detailed)

Malifaux figure (PAAAAAINFUL to the point of not wanting to buy anymore).....

Rising Sun/Blood Rage/Massive Darkness (Beautiful figures no assembly required).....

So....I need a pep talk on why I should continue pulling my hair out (I don't have much left as it is) on assembling Malifaux figures when in this day and age it seems like you can get 95% the quality and detail and still have hair left at the end of the assembly process.



Sorry for the rant.....



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Stick with it. The models are sometimes extra complex but worth it. You will gain experience and I know it's no fun to feel like it's a burden to build models when you have limited time anyway to play/build/etc. The 'blue prints' for most Malifaux models are available online on the Wyrd site. Take your time and look at the renders on the back of the boxes. The game does have a model build component to be fair, but the game itself is really fun. Some models will test you. Some will impress you. It takes time to learn how Wyrd builds their pieces. You may find yourself frustrated and yes, must of us here have felt that way at times putting them together. But don't let it bother you too much. Dry fit every piece first! Have good light. Use great glue. Don't work over carpet or grey rugs. Good luck!

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There aren’t too many others as tiny as Candy and Baby Kade. Unfortunately one of the ones that are, changelings, might be something you want later. I had to assemble my changeling with the most liquid of plastic cement by rolling my fingertips together around two bits, dabbing the brush at the join and my fingertips both, and doing any cleanup later (there wasn’t much of that actually, since I unloaded the brush before dabbing—no extra to run off). One of the guys used a wire loop, like a needle threader, to apply his cement and that looks to have better control than a brush.

Also, Gmorts Chaotica unboxings. They have saved so many of us so much confusion. Malifaux unboxings

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