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Parker triggers and abilities

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Parker has this trigger:

"Empty The Chamber: Before flipping damage, discard any number of Upgrades from this model to deal +1 damage for each Upgrade discarded."

And also has this ability:

"Limited Supplies: Once per Turn, after this model discards an Upgrade, add one Soulstone to this Crew's Soulstone Pool."

So, should they work together?

Also most of his upgrades have this part about discarding them:

"This model gains the following Ability: Fast Getaway: At the start or end of this model's Activation, it may discard this Upgrade to take a Walk Action."

Should two abilities work together?

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Yes to both. The whole point of Limited supplies is to get ss back when he uses his other abilities and triggers. Most models don't discard upgrades, that's his whole thing.

Edit: sorry if I sounded blunt, I can no english today apparently. ;)

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Limited supplies will work how ever you discard the upgrade (it only looks that an upgrade is discarded). But fast getaway and empty the chamber won't interact with each other, because both call for you to discard the upgrade for that purpose. 

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