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Paint and Play Asami

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Hey everyone, 

After a series of unlucky events (obviously the work of Gremlins) and a semester abroad in Finland, a couple of people in our gaming group are going to be doing a small informal Paint and Play sort of thing where we get together once a week to paint and work on terrian, play some games of Malifaux. The end goal is to have a nice terrain board at the end of 8 weeks and a fully painted 50 SS list. I have chosen to play Asami because I love her look and I didn't get a chance to try her out before we stopped playing the first time (right before Wave 4). I'm not really sure what to take with her anymore and what models I need to pick up. So far all I have on the list in Yasunori. Taking suggestions on what to buy and how to use her. Thank you for any help you can give me!

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Any of the Oni minions are very useful (Obsidian Oni, Jorogumo) and she comes with 3 murder monkeys also. Thunder Brothers are great utility models and I really like High River monks now that they are slightly cheaper. Yamaziko is decent and possibly Ama No Zako for more Oni love.


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