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Starting Tinkerer and Darlin Theory

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I didnt found this in FAQ or on forum. During character creation, if player chose Tinkerer, he resive Darlin Theory and can use Animate Constract Magia. But he have no Focus...

Can he cast this spell without Focus? Or he got free Focus? Or he must spend starting skrips to create Focus? In this case he can create only lvl2 Focus, for starting 10 scrips.

Explane this please.

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If you have the Darin Theory you cannot cast without a Focus.

You have to purchase your starting Focus sadly, meaning a starting Tinker is likely going to be fairly light on equipment initially.  I would suggest a Lv1 Focus for 5 scrip and you can build a better one later when you come into some cash.  That would leave you 5 scrip to get a weapon *Maybe two if you go real cheap on them*.   Remember that even a Lv1 Focus is pretty good as it will reduce your cast by 1, meaning it is a TN9:ram for Animate Construct but it will work on any other magic you get access too.  The FAQ at least tells us that  you can buy a lower ranked Focus then your Artifacting Skill so you don't need to worry about gimping your skill for a lower Focus.

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I didnt find this on forum and dont want to create new topic, so ask here.

Derived aspects is depends on aspect and skill. After char creation this skills may rankup. Is this mean derived aspect will also inсrease? For example, after session Fated increas his Toughness skill. His wounds will increas or not?

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