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first off, i get the idea and i love it. both strategically, aesthetically and practically. though i was wondering if more is known. some of the video's i've seen had "normal" bases (meaning curved, slightly higher edges and a hollow bottom). the renders and some painted sample pictures displayed more of a solid disc shape. which will it be? i think the disc shaped ones would fit in the bigger base better, but will they be hollow bottomed or solid discs? just wondering if there is space to stick magnets to the bottom of the bases for transport reasons (would be a shame if i had to carve out a hole in the bottom for magnets) as wel as the possibility to weighten the base down to reduce tipping (though for fireteam models that won't be a problem as they'll be inside bigger bases). or will fireteams have solid discs and larger models different bases O: ? also, models are preassembled, but do they come glued to the bases? or do we have to oppertunity to make nice bases before we stick on our pre assembled models?

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