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I've been thinking about our adjunct. Originally I wasn't too impressed, as I was just looking at the different close attack actions it could copy. It struck me today that there's more than could be copied. The card simply says 'may take an Action on a friendly non-Commander Squad in plays card'. It doesn't specify what type. So I started looking at what it available.

Guns are fun because we're so short on them. Spit Mucus from Armoured Whelks or Yarazi to discard enemy tokens and add pinned tokens. Launch Barbs from Barbed Crawlers for some damage.

However, 'banner' actions feel a bit broken?

First, it lets any squad with an Adjunct use Karkinois The Spawning to lay an Egg Clutch. This is big because Egg Clutches are a big source of Reinforcment tokens, and it means your Karkinoi can be doing more important things like hitting people.

Second, and most of all, it lets them copy Hatch from Egg Clutches. Egg Clutches are Squad (1), so they're a valid target. It lets that squad flip to Glory on a 7. No devouring a friendly Fireteam. Sure, it ends the activation, but first turn when you're advancing and maybe taking objectives close to you? Depending on timing and how taking objectives work, a squad could advance, take an objective, then the adjunct flips them to Glory.

I wonder if the Spawning and Hatch combos were intentional?

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if i recall correctly the morphling's text specifically stated the action could not summon. spawning karkinoi eggs might not be possible but free glory from eggs seems viable and nice. also, free advancing with barbed crawler pew pew is indeed nice in this melee heavy army.

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