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The guild at ITC

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14 hours ago, Tris said:

So, I had 2 games of ply, 2 games of symbols against Mah Tucket (ply), Shenlong (symbols), and 2 Sandeeps, won all of them with Nellie^^

(One bye unfortunately...)

Always had misleading Headlines, Embedded and Delegation on Nellie, Printing Press is a No Brainer.

Sue with Debt was in every list, I love that guy.

Phiona was always there too, equipped with Transparency (scheme choice of course) and LLC which makes her a pain to deal with most of the time.

Investigator made the cut in every game, Queller was in 3 of them, as was McTavish with Debt and LLC.

One game saw 2 Monster Hunters instead of McTavish (did a public demo for that one), and one had the Watcher instead of the Queller (surround them against Mah).


Should you have any question regarding my games ask right away, I probably don't recall enough to warrant any full battle reports, but I can certainly talk about my games if anyone wants :)


I love Nellie but nor tried her with Mercs since they went up, is Mctavish worth it for the SS cost? I ran Frank/Phiona/Jury with LLC ant ehy perfom great, havent faced Sandeep with the 3 mages so maybe there is better to go SH.

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I really love Sue, so it´s mostly about finding another merc to make the Upgrade worth it`s cost - McTavish is still extremely flexible with his gun, long engage, ability to eat markers, push, heal, etc. - especially great in conjunction with Investigators as there`s usually plenty of markers around with them^^


But other options are great too - still love burt or bishop in headhunter for example where a natural third ap is golden, same for Performers, Big Jake in Ours, Aionus for some weird recover evidence plays....

Strongarm Suit is able to charge everywhere even on really dense tables.


Again, just examples from the top of my head^^


I can see the value in Guild Funds and Guild got so many good models now that a mono Guild list is also super strong with Nellie, but for me it`s still that I rather want to use my 2 evidence each turn than keep it until end of turn to get some good effects from Guild funds :)

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