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Spyder Revenant

Script cost for pre-made constructs and new designs

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5 hours ago, Spyder Revenant said:

Has anyone worked up a price list for the constructs in the bestiary such as the Hunter?  Also any interesting player made designs?

...................challenge accepted.

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So for my first construct I will be making what I have dubbed the House Crab.  Lafayette has an Artefacting of 5, Engineering of 3 and Construct Specialist of Acrobatics. It is designed to carry a small cottage sized house.

Cottage "Crab"
Minion, Construct

Might          5    Intellect     -5
Grace          0    Charm      -5
Speed          5    Cunning    -5
Resilience     5    Tenacity    -5

Defense        7    Walk        7
  Armor        +2    Charge        9
Willpower     5    Initiative    5
Wounds        10    Height        4

   Acrobatics 3, Athletics 3, Centering 3, Pneumatics 3, Stealth 2

   (1) Trample 
    AV: 8(13) Rng: 4 DMG: 3/5/6

Build Cost: 152 (does not include house)

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